IFF Podcast Episode 6: Alison & Bryan

In this episode of the InFullFrame Podcast we speak with Alison and Bryan of Alison Bryan Destinations. This episode peels back the curtain on their entire process and delves into what they love most about event production. This is an incredible resource for planners and designers. We start with the couple’s background and how they initially started in planning and then get into how they have successfully targeted their ideal client and how that client places their full trust, emotionally and financially, in their hands.

Embrace The Nerves: How Erich McVey Prepares for Each Wedding Day

InFullFrame recently sat down with leading wedding photographer Erich McVey to discuss his approach to each wedding day. McVey’s aspirational and emotive imagery sets a standard for many wedding photographers in our industry. Being a destination wedding photographer means the Oregon-based photographer travels for every one of his events. Travel comes with many uncontrollable variables, so McVey chooses to focus on those things he can control.

Future-Proofing You and Your Business from Burnout

There are several ways we all naturally future-proof our businesses. As photographers and business owners, we tend to do this by becoming better photographers, marketers, and sales people. These skill sets are proven to grow our businesses and are the foundations of many worthwhile workshops. But there’s an often overlooked aspect of future-proofing in our industry that’s equally important: protecting our bodies and minds against burnout.

Use Your DSLR as a Webcam with Software from Nikon, Canon, and Fuji

Using your DSLR or mirrorless camera as a webcam is one of the best ways of upping your Zoom game. Of course, having a way to record quality video from your desktop or laptop isn't just reserved for Zoom, but over the past six months, as the world has treated online meetings like a second home, the race to stand out has left the major camera manufactures looking to offer software to help.

Don’t Cancel Your Canon R5 Pre-Order Yet: A Hands-On Review

Preview models as well as the first round of pre-orders for the Canon R5 have shipped, and reviews are coming in droves. The rumors of possible overheating for the R5 proved true, but, as some have pointed out, it seems this camera is a victim of its own marketing. Many are canceling their Canon R5 pre-orders and swaying towards the Sony a7S III. The R5 is not a videographer's camera. The R5 is a photography camera that just so happens to also do incredible video. So for all of the photographers out there who have been waiting to get there hands on the new Canon mirrorless camera, watch this incredibly detailed review by Gordon Laing before canceling anything.

Who Are You Being in the Face of Uncertainty?

We are dreamers. But what do we do when a worldwide pandemic crosses our doorsteps and it seems all our dreams are under threat? Many of us are solo-preneurs, already having taken the leap into uncertainty, but loving every minute of what we create because we all want the same thing: freedom. And in defining that freedom, I suddenly came up with all the things I needed to do to have that freedom. You know what I’m talking about: the social media marketing, the outsourcing, the blogging, the emails — God, the emails!

Sony a7S III Announced: 4K 60p, 16-bit External Raw, Ultra-Low Noise, and More

Filmmakers can rejoice: the a7S III is here. Five years in the making, this monster of a camera seems to have been worth the wait. While some may have been hoping for 8K video, it is clear the new a7S model still exceeds expectations with its 4K 10-bit video at 120 fps. We also have bitrates of up to 600 mbps (for those counting, that is six times the previous capability). The new model also provides vast improvements in low-light shooting and autofocus. The a7S III can also record 16-bit raw when connected to an external recorder through its full-size HDMI port.

IFF Podcast Episode 5: Eliana B & Lulu Alexander

In this episode we hear from Eliana B and Lulu Alexander, both amazing wedding and event planners who are good friends and have worked together on many projects over the past years. After meeting as attendees of a workshop in Paris, the two have become great friends. Eliana has been a speaker at everyone of Lulu’s Inspire Design workshops. Now Lulu is working together with Eliana to expand the digital side of The B Collective.

4 Things You May Not Have Considered When Picking Your Elopement Destination

Over the years I have helped hundreds of couples plan and execute their adventure elopements. I have learned a lot about the processes and what makes for an amazing experience. One of the biggest factors of the perfect elopement is choosing the right destination. Many couples just pick a place and go. That approach is fine, but when couples put more thought into choosing, the experience becomes infinitely better. Here's a list of a few things couples should think about before booking their trip.

Photographers Converting to Canon as R5 and R6 Pre-orders Begin

Matt Johnson is a filmmaker who also runs an incredibly popular YouTube channel of nearly 240,000 followers. Just a few days ago, Canon released the official specs on the anticipated R5 and R6 models, and now the early "hands-off" reviews have started coming in. According to Johnson, the R5 is a camera so good that he didn't see Canon ever making it. He even goes so far as to say he will convert to Canon. In a separate video, Johnson also takes us through the specs for the R6.