7 Waterproof Film Cameras Under $1,000

Recently, OnFilmOnly.com released a list of their top seven film cameras for underwater shooting. The price range comes in from $10 to around $1,000. Underwater photography didn't start with the advent of digital cameras, and, previously, film shooters had the options of either underwater housings (similar to many of the ones we see now for digital) or cameras specifically designed to handle underwater conditions. I think we are all familiar with the Kodak Water & Sport, even if the name isn't familiar the blue outer skeleton will be. These cameras are still in production and, in fact, are probably available at your favorite beach-side convenience store. The photo above was taken with one from our last family vacation and processed by Indie Film Lab.

The Power of Niching Down

When a business "niches down," it means they have clear focus on their ideal customer. Everything done in that business (from branding, to copy, to imagery, to marketing) always has the ideal customer in mind. It has taken me quite some time to niche down, and it's an ever evolving process. But why is it so important?

Harper’s Bazaar Releases Updated ‘Best Planners’ List

Over the past few weeks, many of the industry’s top wedding blogs announced promises to focus on diversity and inclusion on their platforms. Sources like Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and Harper’s Bazaar have committed to showing more diversity when it comes to the weddings they accept for publication and have also committed to having much more diverse “Best of” lists. Harper’s Bazaar will now release three lists each year that name the best planners, designers, and photographers and videographers in the world; and instead of releasing a new list altogether, Harper’s released an update of their recently published 2020 Best Planners in the World.

5 Easy Tips to Help You Make Better Photographs

It seems we all have a camera available at any given time. Maybe it’s an old film camera, our trusty DSLR, or, more likely, your phone camera. I recall once reading photographer Chase Jarvis say, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” I agree. And it’s important to be able to know how to use it to take beautiful photos. People often comment when they see the back of a professional photographer’s camera, “Man, that camera takes amazing photos.” Of course we know what they mean, but it’s our years of experience that make photos look good straight out of the camera. Here are some tips to keep in mind next time you pick up your camera.People often comment when they see the back of a professional photographer’s camera, “Man, that camera takes amazing photos.” Of course we know what they mean, but it’s our years of experience that make photos look good straight out of the camera. Here are some tips to keep in mind next time you pick up your camera.

New Lenses and Teleconverters from Sigma

A ton of new and exciting news from Sigma this week and all geared towards the mirrorless shooter. As the world of digital photography looks more and more towards the incredible mirrorless camera world with the likes of the Fuji x-seires, Sony a7, Canon EOS R, and Nikon Z6 Sigma does the same. Sigma has become one of the most trusted third party lends manufactures with their Art series propelling them into the mainstream and so it makes sense that they are following the photography world and now offering even more option for mirrorless mounts.

Stop Overthinking It: Lighting Is Easier Than You Think

Why does lighting feel so complicated? You’ve probably heard that you need to think about color casts (thank you, neon green Florida grass and red hotel room walls), flash strength ratios, reflective surfaces, diffusors, modifiers, video lights versus strobes, gels, and 1,000 other gear options which, frankly, won’t matter in the end but will leave you confused enough to give up before even starting. If you think back to the Instagram-worthy billboard photos in Apple's iPhone ads, the star player was the quality of light which allowed the iPhone to work, not the newest GFX 100 paired with Broncolor. So, let's break down what really matters and what is nit-picky.

IFF Podcast Episode 3: Andrew Roby

In Episode 3 of the InFullFrame Podcast, I sit down with wedding and event planner Andrew Roby. Based in Washington, D.C., Roby is an incredibly talented designer and planner who has also stepped up to be a leader in our wedding industry. His strong voice over the past few weeks about the conversation of diversity and inclusion has amplified presenting our industry and society with the opportunity of progress.

Wedding Photography with the DJI Mavic Air

The DJI Mavic Air 2 began shipping last month, and the reviews are coming in. Smaller and cheaper than its "Pro" partner, the Mavic Air 2 offers incredible obstacle avoidance. For those looking to be a little more mobile possibly brining their Mavic along to destination weddings, the Air 2 can be a great choice over the Pro. Now with the second edition of the DJI Mavic Air, we are getting the ability to capture 48MP raw photos, 4K60 H.265 video, and the more powerful OccuSync 2.0. Here is a review of DJI's current Mavic lineup.

How to Photograph Meaning by Watching and Waiting for Critical Moments

I fell into photography while shooting my father’s 35mm Nikon FE around the streets of London and Poland. Right before that trip I was taught how to load my camera with film and a few things about shutter speed and aperture. By a few things, I mean I learned what they do, and that was about it. I knew next to nothing about metering or many of the other technical aspects we all tend to get tangled up with. So you can imagine my surprise when I received my scans back from the lab and I viewed images that I fully thought were captured by someone else. I remember so clearly the shots I took during that trip and the moment I clicked the shutter release. It was the beginning of documenting meaningful moments

Gear Isn’t Everything

In the age of Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony vs. Fuji, it's really easy to get caught in a gear war: which camera is best? Which lens? What preset? Medium format, full frame, or cropped sensor? What gives certain photographers that “look?” And why is the first question most ask, “What lens did you shoot that with?”

A Quick Guide to Wedding Dress Styles

It is in an incredible time to be a bride. Designers are offering so much diversity in gown silhouettes, fabrics, and necklines. That said, it can be intimidating for brides to know where to start in the process with all of their choices. The best jumping off point in finding your gown is to narrow down the silhouette that works best for your body type and the overall feel of your wedding. Below is a recap of the basic gown silhouettes and the body types they are generally best on.