Wedding Production Workshop Goes Virtual and Donates All Summer Proceeds

Rebecca Rose Events, headed by Becca Atchison and Betsy Krug, has made some changes to its upcoming workshops. If you are not familiar, Rebecca Rose Events hosts a series of workshops and "Intensives" through its RRE Method brand. While COVID-19 forced workshops and conferences to adjust their schedules, the RRE Method simply shifted the The Artful Wedding Production Workshop from in-person to virtual, and they're donating this summer's workshop proceeds to the Equal Justice Initiative. During the Artful Wedding Production Workshop, Atchinson and Krug share their entire process and many lessons they have learned over years of designing high-end weddings.

Hustle and Flow Workshop Disbands Amongst Controversy

Recently, the photography team, The Hons (website now down), issued a public apology to the wedding community. Within a day of issuing their apology The Hons deleted their apology and also took down their Instagram accounts. The Hons are wedding photographers and also run the very popular workshop series, Hustle and Flow. But why did The Hons feel they needed to delete their wedding photography and workshop social media accounts? In Episode 2 of the InFullFrame podcast, we get many of those answers.

Talking Diversity in the Wedding Industry with Fallon Carter

Like many of you, I listened in to the Zoom call with Engage Summits that was held a few days ago. The intentions for the call were wonderful, and the 15-member panel provided phenomenal insight. I did, however, leave the call wishing there had been more time for the conversation to evolve, so I began reaching out to some of our friends in the industry. This call with wedding planner Fallon Carter, is the first of those conversations.

Do’s and Don’ts of Booking Hair and Makeup Artists

As many vendors know, hair and makeup is typically the first aspect of the wedding day and sets the day off. With this in mind, you want to make sure your couple has a hairstylist and makeup artist that is not only best suited to their needs, but also one that helps with the experience leading up to the wedding day. Hair and makeup can be a completely different ballgame if you don’t specialize in it, so here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind to help navigate the process with clients.

Gear Review: Why I Use Fuji for Wedding Photography

I remember the first camera I used. It was a beat up, old Konica from the 1980s that I found for $30 at a garage sale. It was covered in dust and was missing a few screws, but the images it produced were full of character. A camera is merely a tool, but after experimenting with dozens of different lenses, cameras, and formats, I realize there is more to the equipment than the technical specifications. There is a specific character that is rendered depending on the film stock (or sensor) in combination with the glass used that can't be quantified, and is the main reason why I test everything before I buy. There are plenty of technical spec and data reviews on Fuji cameras elsewhere, so I won't go into that, here. Rather, this is about what I look for in digital technology to be a more homogeneous hybrid photographer.

It’s Time to Step Up Your Digital Storage and File Delivery Game

This week on the Mistakes Make Magic podcast, host Catherine Guidry speaks to the CEO and creator of CloudSpot. CloudSpot is online storage and delivery option similar to Pass and Pixieset. But it is also an example of what happens when a user becomes the developer, as Cloudspot was created by a wedding photographer for other wedding photographers — and it shows. To date there have been no perfect solutions as it pertains to storage and delivery. So much time and love goes into crafting a client experience, but sending off a gallery link at the conclusion can often feel anti-climatic. It's this exact sentiment that drove Gaven Wade to create Cloudspot.

Elevate Your Brand Through Your Selection and Presentation of Photographs

As photographers, we are constantly striving to understand how we can increase the value we offer to our clients. We seek to create emotive photographs that impact the quality of life for our clients. One could argue artfully documenting the most sacred day of someone’s life truly provides this impact. But, how do you convince your potential clients you indeed have this phenomenal power? This is the ultimate struggle all photographers face.

Ohio Opening for 300-Person Weddings

As reported on, Ohio is open for business and may be the go to spot if you are looking to host a large-scale event in the near future. But don't let the headlines fool you, this isn't a free for all. Ohio has specific restrictions in place as it plans to allow weddings to match the same capacity numbers it has also set for restaurants. Having wedding restrictions that pair with the state’s restaurant and bar guidelines means no dancing and mingling between tables.

Publicizing Plagiarism

While the purpose of our journal on Anée Atelier is typically to celebrate stories of our recent work and exciting wins, and while we never use this space for industry-centric conversations, last week brought a series of events that we just cannot continue to address privately. Over the last few years, we’ve been hit with a number of egregious acts of plagiarism, and we feel compelled to shed light on this topic, as multiple others in the industry have been impacted by similar offenses as well.