One More Week for Hybrid Collective Speaker Applications

One More Week for Hybrid Collective Speaker Applications

The Hybrid Collective is an annual, three-day educational conference for digital, film, and hybrid photographers. Each year, the Hybrid Collective holds the educational conference in a different city with major industry educators head-lining. Last year’s event, held in San Diego, included notable speakers Elizabeth Messina, Corbin Gurkin, and Erich McVey. In 2021, The Hybrid Collective will descend on Charleston, South Carolina March 29, 30, and 31.

One of the wonderful aspects of the Hybrid Collective is that each year they open up speaker applications and anyone can apply. In the application process, the Hybrid Collective will want to know the number of years you have been in business, if you’ve taught workshops in the past, your speaking experience, and your area of expertise (they also show preference to past Hybrid Collective attendees, although this isn’t a requirement). When considering speaking or teaching at the Hybrid Collective, remember there are four different types of speaking opportunities:

Breakout Sessions

A breakout session last for 45 minutes, and it is important to note there are always four breakouts going on at the same time. Last year’s schedule included three blocks of breakout sessions per day. If you are selected to host a breakout session, the Hybrid Co waives your entry fee for attendance.

Master Class

The master class is a little different. Attendance is not included in the registration fee. At most, 50 people can attend any one master class with an additional fee of $175. If you are selected to teach a master class, you must prepare a 90-minute course and you will receive 50 percent of what is charged, so the more seats sold for your class, the more you make.

Styled Shoot Leader

Hosting a styled shoot is similar to a master class in that it is not included in the attendee registration and you will be paid a 50-percent commission. The Hybrid Collective charges an additional $350 for each styled shoot for attendees, and they are three hours long. Note that as the styled shoot leader, you are responsible for producing the shoot.

Main Stage Speaker

There are two main stage speakers each morning at the Hybrid Collective. A main stage speaker receives $1,000 for speaking, up to $500 in travel expenses, and up to four nights of accommodations. In addition to your 45-minute talk, you may also be required to lead a master class or styled shoot.

This year, the Hybrid Collective is looking for “different and unique topics.” Think carefully about your proposed topics because the most important aspect of your application is what you are hoping to teach and present. If you are interested in applying before the June 1, 2020 deadline, simply click below.

Lance Nicoll is a wedding photographer and InFullFrame founder with a background in fine-art and editorial photography. Lance also holds a graduate degree in graphic design with a branding focus and has done brand consulting for the apparel, fashion, and wedding industries. As an educator, Lance has had the opportunity teach college courses for over a decade and holds corporate education camps and wedding industry speaking engagements.
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