Who Are You Being in the Face of Uncertainty?

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Who Are You Being in the Face of Uncertainty?

We are dreamers. But what do we do when a worldwide pandemic crosses our doorsteps and it seems all our dreams are under threat? Many of us are solo-preneurs, already having taken the leap into uncertainty, but loving every minute of what we create because we all want the same thing: freedom. And in defining that freedom, I suddenly came up with all the things I needed to do to have that freedom. You know what I’m talking about: the social media marketing, the outsourcing, the blogging, the emails — God, the emails! And I found that old familiar feeling of being boxed in again and wanting to get out, saying to myself, “I did all the things I was supposed to do. Wasn’t this all supposed to give me freedom?” Overwhelmed by all the doing, I wasn’t actually being. We are human beings, not human doings, so why do we get so wrapped up in all the doing?

Ask yourself, who are you being? Your business is a reflection of you. Your life is an external reflection and manifestation of your internal state.

This year has given us a unique opportunity. When was the last time the entire world was literally put on a time out while we were given the opportunity to slow down, reflect, and realign (if necessary) and to allow ourselves to keep dreaming big? Who do we need to be to manifest that dream?

A tool I was recently introduced to is an inner-outer alignment pyramid graphic that breaks down how our inner state manifests our external reality, starting with identity:


What identity, beliefs, skills and behaviors do you need to become who you want to be?


What beliefs do you need to have to achieve the skills and behavior of who you want to be?


What skills do you need to develop the behavior you need to have to achieve your dream?


Look at what you are doing. Is your behavior a reflection of the skills, beliefs, and identity you need to have?


Your external manifestation from your identity, beliefs, skills, and behavior (i.e. bank account, health, relationships, etc.).

Some of you are probably thinking, “It can’t be that easy,” but life actually is this easy. Human beings are the only species that make life harder than it needs to be. Tap into the divine power we all have within and live life from 100 percent possible, 100 percent of the time.

 “To change the world, I have to change myself. To change myself, I have to stop my world. When I stop my world, I can change myself, and when I change myself, I can change the world.”

Jim Fortin
Nyachia always had an eye for the finer things in life which led her to start her career in the luxury industry in New York City where she has worked for world-famous companies such as Valentino, Chopard and Louis Vuitton. It was during her time at Louis Vuitton that she was introduced to the world of event management and creation, and the rest is history. With over 15 years’ experience in various roles in the Luxury and Fashion industry coupled with an International MBA specializing in Luxury Brand Management and Marketing, Nyachia brings with her a cultural combination of American ingenuity with a French “joie de vivre”.