Future-Proofing You and Your Business from Burnout

There are several ways we all naturally future-proof our businesses. As photographers and business owners, we tend to do this by becoming better photographers, marketers, and sales people. These skill sets are proven to grow our businesses and are the foundations of many worthwhile workshops. But there’s an often overlooked aspect of future-proofing in our industry that’s equally important: protecting our bodies and minds against burnout.

Who Are You Being in the Face of Uncertainty?

We are dreamers. But what do we do when a worldwide pandemic crosses our doorsteps and it seems all our dreams are under threat? Many of us are solo-preneurs, already having taken the leap into uncertainty, but loving every minute of what we create because we all want the same thing: freedom. And in defining that freedom, I suddenly came up with all the things I needed to do to have that freedom. You know what I’m talking about: the social media marketing, the outsourcing, the blogging, the emails — God, the emails!