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Styling Tips From the Wedding Industry’s Top Stylists

There is an art to showcasing the months of work that go into a wedding day. So much goes into showcasing the design story of a wedding day, from styling invitations to creating live vignettes to making sure table-tops are photo-ready. Here, you will find tips from top planners, stylists, and industry creatives who shared their insight to help you style wedding days and elevate your work.

7 Waterproof Film Cameras Under $1,000

Recently, released a list of their top seven film cameras for underwater shooting. The price range comes in from $10 to around $1,000. Underwater photography didn’t start with the advent of digital cameras, and, previously, film shooters had the options of either underwater housings (similar to many of the ones we see now for digital) or cameras specifically designed to handle underwater conditions. I think we are all familiar with the Kodak Water & Sport, even if the name isn’t familiar the blue outer skeleton will be. These cameras are still in production and, in fact, are probably available at your favorite beach-side convenience store. The photo above was taken with one from our last family vacation and processed by Indie Film Lab.

Stop Overthinking It: Lighting Is Easier Than You Think

Why does lighting feel so complicated? You’ve probably heard that you need to think about color casts (thank you, neon green Florida grass and red hotel room walls), flash strength ratios, reflective surfaces, diffusors, modifiers, video lights versus strobes, gels, and 1,000 other gear options which, frankly, won’t matter in the end but will leave you confused enough to give up before even starting. If you think back to the Instagram-worthy billboard photos in Apple’s iPhone ads, the star player was the quality of light which allowed the iPhone to work, not the newest GFX 100 paired with Broncolor. So, let’s break down what really matters and what is nit-picky.

Wedding Photography with the DJI Mavic Air

The DJI Mavic Air 2 began shipping last month, and the reviews are coming in. Smaller and cheaper than its “Pro” partner, the Mavic Air 2 offers incredible obstacle avoidance. For those looking to be a little more mobile possibly brining their Mavic along to destination weddings, the Air 2 can be a great choice over the Pro. Now with the second edition of the DJI Mavic Air, we are getting the ability to capture 48MP raw photos, 4K60 H.265 video, and the more powerful OccuSync 2.0. Here is a review of DJI’s current Mavic lineup.

A Quick Guide to Wedding Dress Styles

It is in an incredible time to be a bride. Designers are offering so much diversity in gown silhouettes, fabrics, and necklines. That said, it can be intimidating for brides to know where to start in the process with all of their choices. The best jumping off point in finding your gown is to narrow down the silhouette that works best for your body type and the overall feel of your wedding. Below is a recap of the basic gown silhouettes and the body types they are generally best on.

Hustle and Flow Workshop Disbands Amongst Controversy

Recently, the photography team, The Hons (website now down), issued a public apology to the wedding community. Within a day of issuing their apology The Hons deleted their apology and also took down their Instagram accounts. The Hons are wedding photographers and also run the very popular workshop series, Hustle and Flow. But why did The Hons feel they needed to delete their wedding photography and workshop social media accounts? In Episode 2 of the InFullFrame podcast, we get many of those answers.

Publicizing Plagiarism

While the purpose of our journal on Anée Atelier is typically to celebrate stories of our recent work and exciting wins, and while we never use this space for industry-centric conversations, last week brought a series of events that we just cannot continue to address privately. Over the last few years, we’ve been hit with a number of egregious acts of plagiarism, and we feel compelled to shed light on this topic, as multiple others in the industry have been impacted by similar offenses as well.

Selling a Luxury Service: The 3 Books You Need to Read

Selling a service may be one of the hardest sales to make. How does someone decide to pay for something they can’t see? Our clients have to trust us. They can see what we’ve done for others but will never see the product they have paid for until weeks or months after they have paid for it. So how do we do well them on making an equally emotional and financial decision? Trial and error works, but those lessons are expensive. However, reaching out to mentors and learning from those who have come before us is a brilliant investment. Here are three books that will help you sell your service to your ideal clients.