How to Photograph Meaning by Watching and Waiting for Critical Moments

I fell into photography while shooting my father’s 35mm Nikon FE around the streets of London and Poland. Right before that trip I was taught how to load my camera with film and a few things about shutter speed and aperture. By a few things, I mean I learned what they do, and that was about it. I knew next to nothing about metering or many of the other technical aspects we all tend to get tangled up with. So you can imagine my surprise when I received my scans back from the lab and I viewed images that I fully thought were captured by someone else. I remember so clearly the shots I took during that trip and the moment I clicked the shutter release. It was the beginning of documenting meaningful moments

5 Ways to Put Your Wedding Clients at Ease

There’s more that goes into it creating effortless, natural, and authentic images than just giving good direction. Providing couples with an amazing overall experience and establishing trust along the way is what ultimately puts them at ease. As the old saying goes, “Trust isn’t given, it’s earned.” To earn that trust, try incorporating these strategies into your next client experience.