5 Ways to Put Your Wedding Clients at Ease

There’s more that goes into it creating effortless, natural, and authentic images than just giving good direction. Providing couples with an amazing overall experience and establishing trust along the way is what ultimately puts them at ease. As the old saying goes, “Trust isn’t given, it’s earned.” To earn that trust, try incorporating these strategies into your next client experience.

How to Shoot Fine-Art Self-Portraits With Film Supply Club

The past few weeks have affected as all in different ways. As a photographer, I embraced the time away from the camera. Any job, no matter how much you love it, can feel tedious when you are going at it every week for years. For a creative, having the option to add variety of medium or subject matter to your craft can be soul-filling. But after almost two months inside, many of us are feeling stifled for another reason. We're looking for outlets as we have been recharged and now need a way to express ourselves.
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