5 Ways to Put Your Wedding Clients at Ease

There’s more that goes into it creating effortless, natural, and authentic images than just giving good direction. Providing couples with an amazing overall experience and establishing trust along the way is what ultimately puts them at ease. As the old saying goes, “Trust isn’t given, it’s earned.” To earn that trust, try incorporating these strategies into your next client experience.

How I Use My Smartwatch as a Wedding Photographer and Videographer

About a year ago, my boyfriend convinced me to get a smartwatch. At first, I was hesitant because my mental image of a smartwatch was a techy, nerdy-looking, and not-very-classy gadget. However, when he showed me a picture of the Rose Gold Garmin Vivoactive 3, I was sold. After wearing the watch every day for a year, I've come to realize it is perfect for wedding photographers and videographers for so many reasons.

Meet the Ritual Collective

This month, the Ritual Collective announced itself to the wedding world. In the midst of a global pandemic when weddings are nowhere in sight comes a collective of wedding photographers with a singular vision. The number one question: why now? Many conversations over the past weeks with industry leaders, planners, editors, and future newlyweds have centered around the need for wedding photography to return to simpler times. There is some sense of responsibility the founding members of the collective share: to document history in a way that is genuine.

Success and the Art Of Balance for Solopreneurs Like Us

It’s safe to say most photographers are creatives-turned-business-owners and not the other way around. We wanted a creative outlet, a flexible schedule, and more time with loved ones, yet we quickly became enslaved to this business of ours. Yes, running a business takes dedication and effort, but we cannot allow it to be at the cost of joy and fulfillment in life. We’re going to take a look at ways to manage our lives and businesses with intentionality and direction so we can find a balance and build a business that supports the lifestyle we want to live.

One More Week for Hybrid Collective Speaker Applications

The Hybrid Collective is an annual, three-day educational conference for digital, film, and hybrid photographers. Each year, the Hybrid Collective holds the educational conference in a different city with major industry educators head-lining. Last year's event, held in San Diego, included notable speakers Elizabeth Messina, Corbin Gurkin, and Erich McVey. In 2021, The Hybrid Collective will descend on Charleston, South Carolina March 29, 30, and 31.

Metering 101 with Richard Photo Lab

Spot meter, incident meter, external meter, metering modes, bulb-in, bulb-out...? Whoah. I've probably seen dozens of tutorials and articles on how to meter, and the variations on technique can be confounding for new photographers both digital and film. Here's the thing: metering is essential. Whether you are a digital photography who spends their day in studio metering for strobes or a natural light photographer running around in a million different scenarios on wedding days, you need to get it right. And yes, film has latitude (some more than others), but if you've shot enough film you know the vast difference between a properly and improperly metered image.

5 Ways to Immediately Make Your Wedding Business More LGBTQ+ Inclusive

Inclusive is more than just a trendy word in business. It's an action-oriented method of showing up for minority customers and letting them know you create a welcoming and safe space. In the LGBTQ+ community, we're looking for LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding pros who will celebrate our love. But just being a nice person isn't good enough. You've got to show you're LGBTQ+ inclusive so we can trust you enough to do business with you. Here are five ways to immediately make your wedding business more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

These Are the Best Flatlay Backdrops

Over the past few years, the flatlay has become part of the zeitgeist of wedding imagery. Couples and vendors love beautifully styled elements from a client's big day that remind them of all of the details and bring together their design story. Clients spend hours and hours selecting the perfect invitation suites that introduce their guests to the events to come, and many of those clients want to have a memory of those beautiful paper pieces. As time has gone on, photographers and designers have looked for resources and materials to create these stunning flatlay images. Here is a list of some of our favorite backdrop resources.

The 5 Wedding Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Imagine having an inside look into the conversations between experts in the wedding industry. Podcasts give us an insight into what our favorite creatives are thinking. Podcasts are great sources of free education we get to conveniently access through our phones, computers, and more. Whether you’re on your way to a wedding day or editing at home, podcasts are the way to better our business while getting to know our favorite industry leaders. Here are the top five podcasts that should be on your radar and why.

When Weddings Return by John Dolan

Weddings are the opposite of social distancing. They are about being close both literally and metaphorically. Families arrive at a chosen destination. Guests converge from various cities and hold each other close. They hug, kiss, and dance in a tight circle. But now, society has pressed pause. Plans are in limbo. We are separated — by six feet.