Use Your DSLR as a Webcam with Software from Nikon, Canon, and Fuji

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Use Your DSLR as a Webcam with Software from Nikon, Canon, and Fuji

Using your DSLR or mirrorless camera as a webcam is one of the best ways of upping your Zoom game. Of course, having a way to record quality video from your desktop or laptop isn’t just reserved for Zoom, but over the past six months, as the world has treated online meetings like a second home, the race to stand out has left the major camera manufactures looking to offer software to help.

I have to admit that prior to Canon, Fuji, and Nikon announcing their very own webcam software, replacing your built-in webcam with a high-quality device wasn’t extremely difficult, and we will get to that at the end of the article, but first, let’s look at what is new.


Canon released their beta webcam software at the end of April, and then one month later, the Mac version was released. There are going to be some quirky limitations though. For instance, in order to go on Zoom or Skype with your Canon camera, you will have to use the web-based applications and not the respective desktop applications. If you are looking for a list of compatible Canon cameras or are ready to download the PC or Mac beta software, head over to Canon’s utility software page.


On the same day that Canon announced the Mac version of its webcam software, Fuji announced its beta, Windows-only webcam software. But don’t fret if you are a Mac user because Fuji just recently released Mac compatibility.

The Fujifilm webcam software is easy to use and is compatible with the following cameras: GFX 100, GFX 50S, GFX 50R, X-T4, X-T3, X-T2, X-H1, X-Pro3 and X-Pro2. If you are ready to download the software for your Windows or Mac computer, head over to Fuji’s detailed and highly informative landing page.


Better late than never, Nikon just announced their first webcam software. For now, it is Windows 10-only, and we can assume a Mac version could be released in about a month. This is speculative and based on the one-month delays we saw from Canon and Fuji. But what we know for sure based on the recent statement from Nikon on August 6 is that the Mac version is definitely coming — we just don’t know when.

We are planning to release a beta version of the Nikon Webcam Utility software for Mac users. More information, including the release date, will be shared as it becomes available.

Nikon Inc.

If you would like to download the Windows 10 Beta Webcam software, click here. The software is compatible with the following cameras: Nikon Z5, Nikon D6, D850, D780, D500, D7500, and D5600.


Notably missing from this group is Sony. There are rumors Sony has been working on its own webcam software and that it will come out this summer, but nothing is out at the moment. However, you can still use your Sony Camera as a webcam. It may just require a few extra steps. Here is a great tutorial showing how to use Sony cameras along with a Cam Link to turn them into webcams.

Nikon, Canon, and Fuji are not the only ones to the webcam party, as Olympus and Panasonic have also released their own versions, too, which you can find here:

Olympus Webcam Software

Panasonic Webcam Software

Happy Zooming, and let us know how you are upping your live-streaming game.

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