New Lenses and Teleconverters from Sigma

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New Lenses and Teleconverters from Sigma

A ton of new and exciting news from Sigma this week and all geared towards the mirrorless shooter. As the world of digital photography looks more and more towards the incredible mirrorless camera world with the likes of the Fuji x-seires, Sony a7, Canon EOS R, and Nikon Z6 Sigma does the same. Sigma has become one of the most trusted third party lends manufactures with their Art series propelling them into the mainstream and so it makes sense that they are following the photography world and now offering even more option for mirrorless mounts.

What’s New

First up is an all in one Telephoto that Sigma coins a “handy tele master”. The 100-400mm telephoto zoom is a variable aperture lens from 5-6.3 at its widest. For the focal length, the lens is relatively light weight coming in at 2.5lbs. The full-frame mirrorless lens is available in both L-Mount and Sony E-Mount and comes in at $949.


Two new teleconverters specifically for mirrorless shooters are also now available. The TC-1411 offers 1.4x magnification at a price tag of $399 and the TC-2011 provides 2x magnification for L-mount bodies and costs $429. Both of these teleconverters have been slated for July, however as of July 3rd they are not yet available for sale on Sigma’s site. We do expect this to update soon.

New USB Docks

For those Sigma shooters who are a fan of the USB docks, which allow you to update your own firmware we now have options for L-Mount and Canon EF-M Mount lenses. For those not familiar these docks allow you to mount your lens onto them and then use usb to connect to your desktop or laptop. The UD-11 Dock is selling for $59.

A Trio of L-Mount Lenses

These are not new lenses but rather a new mount options for Sigma’s popular set of mirrorless lenses. These three f-1.4 lenses were previously available in Sony E-mount, Canon M-mount, and Micro four thirds mounts and now are available with an L-Mount option. All of these offerings from Sigma reinforce their dedication to the mirrorless shooter.

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