Fuji Opens X-Mount to Third-Party Manufacturers, Available Now

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Fuji Opens X-Mount to Third-Party Manufacturers, Available Now

At the end of April, Fujifilm’s General Manager of Optical Device and Electronic Imaging Products Division, Toshihisa Iida, announced Fuji was officially opening up the X-mount to third-party manufacturers. The new announcement opens up an entirely new world of lens possibilities to the Fujifilm digital camera line.

Kenko Tokina has a jump of the rest of the third-party lens world with three X-mount lenses already announced. The three f/1.4-aperture lenses are set to be available in the fall of 2020 and provide Fuji mirrorless users with 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm equivalents. As announced by Fujirumors.com, these are the 23mm f/1.4, 33mm f/1.4, and 56mm f/1.4 — all eerily similar to the Viltrox autofocus lenses. Reviews of the Viltrox lenses are in, and while the opening of the X-mount is very exciting, the Viltrox glass is probably not what Fujifilm shooters have been waiting for.

The truth is that while Fuji has kept the X-mount a closed system, it has not stopped some brands from creating X-mount lenses. So why is this announcement so exciting? The leaders of the third-party lenses, Tamron and Sigma, have not been able to crack the autofocus code of the X-mount, and now they have the formula. I expect we will see some incredible products from both Tamron and Sigma. In particular, lovers of the high-quality Sigma Art line should be excited at even the possibility of these lenses coming to the X-mount.

If you aren’t in love with the Viltrox or Kenko glass and can’t wait for what may come, there are still some options for you. Here are the top X-mount lenses currently available:

Rokinon 12mm F2
Mitakon 35mm F0.95 II
Samyang 50mm F1.2
Zeiss 50mm F2.8 Touit
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