Use Your DSLR as a Webcam with Software from Nikon, Canon, and Fuji

Using your DSLR or mirrorless camera as a webcam is one of the best ways of upping your Zoom game. Of course, having a way to record quality video from your desktop or laptop isn't just reserved for Zoom, but over the past six months, as the world has treated online meetings like a second home, the race to stand out has left the major camera manufactures looking to offer software to help.

Photographers Converting to Canon as R5 and R6 Pre-orders Begin

Matt Johnson is a filmmaker who also runs an incredibly popular YouTube channel of nearly 240,000 followers. Just a few days ago, Canon released the official specs on the anticipated R5 and R6 models, and now the early "hands-off" reviews have started coming in. According to Johnson, the R5 is a camera so good that he didn't see Canon ever making it. He even goes so far as to say he will convert to Canon. In a separate video, Johnson also takes us through the specs for the R6.

Harper’s Bazaar Releases Updated ‘Best Planners’ List

Over the past few weeks, many of the industry’s top wedding blogs announced promises to focus on diversity and inclusion on their platforms. Sources like Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and Harper’s Bazaar have committed to showing more diversity when it comes to the weddings they accept for publication and have also committed to having much more diverse “Best of” lists. Harper’s Bazaar will now release three lists each year that name the best planners, designers, and photographers and videographers in the world; and instead of releasing a new list altogether, Harper’s released an update of their recently published 2020 Best Planners in the World.

New Lenses and Teleconverters from Sigma

A ton of new and exciting news from Sigma this week and all geared towards the mirrorless shooter. As the world of digital photography looks more and more towards the incredible mirrorless camera world with the likes of the Fuji x-seires, Sony a7, Canon EOS R, and Nikon Z6 Sigma does the same. Sigma has become one of the most trusted third party lends manufactures with their Art series propelling them into the mainstream and so it makes sense that they are following the photography world and now offering even more option for mirrorless mounts.

Wedding Production Workshop Goes Virtual and Donates All Summer Proceeds

Rebecca Rose Events, headed by Becca Atchison and Betsy Krug, has made some changes to its upcoming workshops. If you are not familiar, Rebecca Rose Events hosts a series of workshops and "Intensives" through its RRE Method brand. While COVID-19 forced workshops and conferences to adjust their schedules, the RRE Method simply shifted the The Artful Wedding Production Workshop from in-person to virtual, and they're donating this summer's workshop proceeds to the Equal Justice Initiative. During the Artful Wedding Production Workshop, Atchinson and Krug share their entire process and many lessons they have learned over years of designing high-end weddings.

Ohio Opening for 300-Person Weddings

As reported on, Ohio is open for business and may be the go to spot if you are looking to host a large-scale event in the near future. But don't let the headlines fool you, this isn't a free for all. Ohio has specific restrictions in place as it plans to allow weddings to match the same capacity numbers it has also set for restaurants. Having wedding restrictions that pair with the state’s restaurant and bar guidelines means no dancing and mingling between tables.

Meet the Ritual Collective

This month, the Ritual Collective announced itself to the wedding world. In the midst of a global pandemic when weddings are nowhere in sight comes a collective of wedding photographers with a singular vision. The number one question: why now? Many conversations over the past weeks with industry leaders, planners, editors, and future newlyweds have centered around the need for wedding photography to return to simpler times. There is some sense of responsibility the founding members of the collective share: to document history in a way that is genuine.

Photographer Faces Jail Time After Shooting Stay-at-Home Order-Defying Wedding

Recently, a photographer in Lakewood, New Jersey was issued a summons while photographing a backyard wedding. As a result, Yakov Makukha could receive a penalty of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months jail time. Over the same weekend, New Jersey police broke up several events that violated the executive stay-at-home order issued by Governor Phil Murphy. It does appear that the root of many of the recent violations and subsequent arrests stems from misinformation disseminated via social media.

Print and Film Labs: Who’s Open and Who’s Not

Who's sitting on a backlog of album and print orders? Do you have clients who have been ready to help your business with big album upgrades, but can't fulfill their orders? Over the past couple of weeks, labs have started to come back online. Physically walking in to place your order is still on hold for most, but we are slowly getting back to normal. Here is a roundup of the status of some of the top labs from around the United States.

Small Weddings Are Coming, and Here’s How You Can Get Ready

In the past few weeks, many of us in the wedding industry have been faced with the stark reality of the changing landscape, if even only for the short term. Many conversations, posts, and Zooms have had to focus on problem-solving, reschedules, cancellations, and consolations. Conversation has in large part been dominated by the negative side: the problem clients, the lost bookings, and the financial uncertainty. But, where there is change, there is opportunity for innovation. And it's time to change the conversation. It's time for the positive, the potential, the opportunity. Love isn't cancelled. So how as an industry can we evolve for the sake of our clients and the survival of our businesses? Well, let me introduce Small Wedding Society.

How to Plan a Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Overnight, it seems our industry has been flipped upside-down. One weekend, we were out documenting beautiful events, and the next we were trying to figure out what the future holds. For couples, the questions are endless and unprecedented. To make it even more challenging, the answers appear to be just as endless and ever-changing as vendors scramble to get on the same page. But being in a crisis doesn't necessarily mean you want to put all your wedding plans on hold.