Don’t Cancel Your Canon R5 Pre-Order Yet: A Hands-On Review

Preview models as well as the first round of pre-orders for the Canon R5 have shipped, and reviews are coming in droves. The rumors of possible overheating for the R5 proved true, but, as some have pointed out, it seems this camera is a victim of its own marketing. Many are canceling their Canon R5 pre-orders and swaying towards the Sony a7S III. The R5 is not a videographer's camera. The R5 is a photography camera that just so happens to also do incredible video. So for all of the photographers out there who have been waiting to get there hands on the new Canon mirrorless camera, watch this incredibly detailed review by Gordon Laing before canceling anything.

Photographers Converting to Canon as R5 and R6 Pre-orders Begin

Matt Johnson is a filmmaker who also runs an incredibly popular YouTube channel of nearly 240,000 followers. Just a few days ago, Canon released the official specs on the anticipated R5 and R6 models, and now the early "hands-off" reviews have started coming in. According to Johnson, the R5 is a camera so good that he didn't see Canon ever making it. He even goes so far as to say he will convert to Canon. In a separate video, Johnson also takes us through the specs for the R6.

Gear Review: Why I Use Fuji for Wedding Photography

I remember the first camera I used. It was a beat up, old Konica from the 1980s that I found for $30 at a garage sale. It was covered in dust and was missing a few screws, but the images it produced were full of character. A camera is merely a tool, but after experimenting with dozens of different lenses, cameras, and formats, I realize there is more to the equipment than the technical specifications. There is a specific character that is rendered depending on the film stock (or sensor) in combination with the glass used that can't be quantified, and is the main reason why I test everything before I buy. There are plenty of technical spec and data reviews on Fuji cameras elsewhere, so I won't go into that, here. Rather, this is about what I look for in digital technology to be a more homogeneous hybrid photographer.

Hybrid Photographers: How to Color Match Digital to Film

While digital photography has dominated the market for the past few decades, there are plenty of wedding and portrait photographers that still shoot film. Those of us that shoot both (colloquially labeled “hybrid shooters”) have to contend with the two mediums’ unique characteristics in post-processing. I promise make this about a film vs. digital debate, but rather about how to marry the two.

Nikon D780 vs. Z6: Is the DSLR Obsolete?

There's been quite a transition over the past few years. The mirrorless camera used to be seen a fun alternative to the more formidable DSLR. For still photographers, they were these small cameras that videographers seemed to love, but they had no place in our professional kits. Now, all the major brands, including Nikon and Canon, are perfecting the mirrorless camera.