Becoming a Work-From-Home Master

Business Education Interview
Becoming a Work-From-Home Master

The Photo Report podcast, which began in 2017, is hosted by Braedon Flynn and has picked up incredible steam in the past few weeks. Recent episodes include interviews with, D’Arcy Benincosa, Sam Hurd, and KT Merry. In this week’s episode, Flynn speaks with author and business consultant Dane Sanders on how to set up a structure in our lives that aids our success. Sanders also speaks about his free online course, How To Win at Working from Home. In this free online course, Dane shares a mantra that aids in the mindset shift from thinking, “have to,” to, “get to,” in which things that were once burdens become tasks we look forward to doing.

“I get to be the guide that fuels first, travels light, prioritizes profit, corrects course, plays infinite, and stands now.”

Dane Sanders

Sanders is the author of Fast Track Photographer and producer of the Coverage Podcast. Sanders is known as a culture builder for small and large businesses and has helped teams and team leaders to elevate and develop successful culture. Listen to the episode below, and be sure the subscribe to The Photo Report.