Lance Nicoll

Photographer / IFF Founder

Lance Nicoll is a wedding photographer and InFullFrame founder with a background in fine-art and editorial photography. Lance also holds a graduate degree in graphic design with a branding focus and has done brand consulting for the apparel, fashion, and wedding industries. As an educator, Lance has had the opportunity teach college courses for over a decade and holds corporate education camps and wedding industry speaking engagements.

How to Shoot Fine-Art Self-Portraits With Film Supply Club

The past few weeks have affected as all in different ways. As a photographer, I embraced the time away from the camera. Any job, no matter how much you love it, can feel tedious when you are going at it every week for years. For a creative, having the option to add variety of medium or subject matter to your craft can be soul-filling. But after almost two months inside, many of us are feeling stifled for another reason. We're looking for outlets as we have been recharged and now need a way to express ourselves.

Small Weddings Are Coming, and Here’s How You Can Get Ready

In the past few weeks, many of us in the wedding industry have been faced with the stark reality of the changing landscape, if even only for the short term. Many conversations, posts, and Zooms have had to focus on problem-solving, reschedules, cancellations, and consolations. Conversation has in large part been dominated by the negative side: the problem clients, the lost bookings, and the financial uncertainty. But, where there is change, there is opportunity for innovation. And it's time to change the conversation. It's time for the positive, the potential, the opportunity. Love isn't cancelled. So how as an industry can we evolve for the sake of our clients and the survival of our businesses? Well, let me introduce Small Wedding Society.

Selling a Luxury Service: The 3 Books You Need to Read

Selling a service may be one of the hardest sales to make. How does someone decide to pay for something they can't see? Our clients have to trust us. They can see what we've done for others but will never see the product they have paid for until weeks or months after they have paid for it. So how do we do well them on making an equally emotional and financial decision? Trial and error works, but those lessons are expensive. However, reaching out to mentors and learning from those who have come before us is a brilliant investment. Here are three books that will help you sell your service to your ideal clients.

Nikon D780 vs. Z6: Is the DSLR Obsolete?

There's been quite a transition over the past few years. The mirrorless camera used to be seen a fun alternative to the more formidable DSLR. For still photographers, they were these small cameras that videographers seemed to love, but they had no place in our professional kits. Now, all the major brands, including Nikon and Canon, are perfecting the mirrorless camera.

Introducing InFullFrame

Welcome to InFullFrame. After years of writing for many of the educational photography blogs and being a part of our wonderful wedding community, I realized what we were missing was a home — a place that could and would share industry-specific news and events from everywhere and everyone. No one style or one group. Inclusive, not exclusive. Our goal is to create a home base that will declutter your life and bring us all together. I'm looking forward to all of the great conversations, debates, and open knowledge-sharing we will do together.
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