It’s Time to Step Up Your Digital Storage and File Delivery Game

This week on the Mistakes Make Magic podcast, host Catherine Guidry speaks to the CEO and creator of CloudSpot. CloudSpot is online storage and delivery option similar to Pass and Pixieset. But it is also an example of what happens when a user becomes the developer, as Cloudspot was created by a wedding photographer for other wedding photographers — and it shows. To date there have been no perfect solutions as it pertains to storage and delivery. So much time and love goes into crafting a client experience, but sending off a gallery link at the conclusion can often feel anti-climatic. It's this exact sentiment that drove Gaven Wade to create Cloudspot.

Photographer Faces Jail Time After Shooting Stay-at-Home Order-Defying Wedding

Recently, a photographer in Lakewood, New Jersey was issued a summons while photographing a backyard wedding. As a result, Yakov Makukha could receive a penalty of up to $1,000 and up to 6 months jail time. Over the same weekend, New Jersey police broke up several events that violated the executive stay-at-home order issued by Governor Phil Murphy. It does appear that the root of many of the recent violations and subsequent arrests stems from misinformation disseminated via social media.

How to Plan a Wedding During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Overnight, it seems our industry has been flipped upside-down. One weekend, we were out documenting beautiful events, and the next we were trying to figure out what the future holds. For couples, the questions are endless and unprecedented. To make it even more challenging, the answers appear to be just as endless and ever-changing as vendors scramble to get on the same page. But being in a crisis doesn't necessarily mean you want to put all your wedding plans on hold.

Becoming a Work-From-Home Master

The Photo Report podcast, which began in 2017, is hosted by Braedon Flynn and has picked up incredible steam in the past few weeks. Recent episodes include interviews with, D'Arcy Benincosa, Sam Hurd, and KT Merry. In this week's episode, Flynn speaks with author and business consultant Dane Sanders on how to set up a structure in our lives that aids our success. Sanders also speaks about his free online course, How To Win at Working from Home. In this free online course, Dane shares a mantra that aids in the mindset shift from thinking, "have to," to, "get to," in which things that were once burdens become tasks we look forward to doing.
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